Collaborative Law is a new alternative legal process that allows couples, who have decided to separate or divorce, to work with their lawyers and other professionals in order to avoid the unknown outcomes of court. Settlements are formulated to best meet the specific needs of both parties and their children without the underlying threat of contested litigation.

This option includes an agreement to resolve all family law issues prior to filing the case with the Court.  This means everything will be resolved without the added stress and pressure from Court with deadlines, investigations and additional hearings.  

The collaborative team includes a specially trained attorney for each client and may include neutral financial advisors, divorce coaches, and child specialists that work together to help avoid litigation.  Resources are shared with open disclosure to focus time and energy on resolution rather than preparing for trial.

 Each attorney will represent their client’s best interests and has a duty to terminate the process if an agreement cannot be reached.  In the event litigation is required, a new attorney will have to take over for the traditional court process.  This stipulation creates a strong commitment to resolve all legal issues together in good faith.  The collaborative process is typically more respectful, dignified and satisfying which means less post-judgment enforcement issues.

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