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10 Day Turnaround

We believe that faster is better. That’s why we have a 10 business day turnaround guarantee. Once we have all the information and paperwork required, we make sure that you get what you need ASAP.

We understand that it is critical to complete the process for Domestic Relations Orders especially when distributions from a defined contribution retirement plan such as a 401(k) are necessary to help cover the costs of separation. Retirement funds may also be distributed by court order for child support past due balances.

Our experienced team has helped countless clients with the division of numerous retirement accounts for over 10 years and never missed a court deadline. We vow to get you what you need, when you need it.



We ensure that our customers get the complete service package. That means doing more than just document drafting. We are an experienced family law firm that knows the importance of delivering added value. In addition to fast and accurate results at the most competitive pricing, we always offer our customers the following services at no additional cost:

  • Assistance with the signature process once each Order is finalized

  • Submission with the Court for entry of the Domestic Relation Orders

  • Guidance to ensure Court Orders are properly submitted to the Plan Administrator for approval

  • Follow-up with the Court and plan administrators to ensure that orders have been processed.


Step By step GUIDANCE

We guide you through every step of the way. In order to ensure that the process keeps moving forward until resolution, we have created a road map that guides you through the whole process. We provide status updates and reminders at each point of the process. You’ll always know what items and info are needed to complete each step.

Domestic Relation Orders (DROs) are court orders that require a court hearing or a consent agreement with both parties signatures to submit the document to court for approval by the Judge assigned to the case. Next, court-certified copies of the orders must be submitted with the necessary information to the plan administrator for review and approval. If the correct forms are not submitted to the plan administrator, the approval fees charged by the plan administrator may be substantially higher. Some plans do not charge extra fees to process the court order. Some plan administrators require the court order to be submitted by mail, however, some plan administrators allow the court-stamped orders to be faxed, emails or uploaded to their secure website. The plan administrator typically reviews the order within 30 to 60 days, some have a 10 day approval process if the forms are submitted exactly as required by their plan procedures. Many plans place a 30-day hold for an appeal process once the order is approved and some plans allow a signed form to be submitted to waive the waiting period. Contact us with the form below to learn more.


cost effective

We are constantly enhancing our process to provide the most competitive pricing. Our experienced team and task automation allows us to streamline our process to deliver faster results. We also offer a discounted rate to review Orders drafted by others.

For defined contribution plans, the flat fee is $400.00 per Order. For defined pension plans, the flat fee is $500.00.



What, Why, Where, When, and How?

See our article on Everything You Need to Know About QDROs for a list of FAQ and answers on QDROs.


Just to name a few…

Retirement plans successfully divided include General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Costco, Empower Plans, TIAA CREF plans including the University of Michigan, Municipality pension plans, State of Michigan plans, Federal Plans including the Thrift Savings Plan & Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), General Dynamics, Visteon, Fidelity plans, Wells Fargo & Company, Nissan, Detroit Diesel, Vanguard plans, Carpenters Pension, NSF, Beaumont, Ascension and other health provider plans, Transamerica plans, Pfizer, and many other defined contribution plans & defined benefit pension plans. Please contact us to learn more about QDROs, EDROs & DROs.


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