Shared Medical Expenses for Minor Child - 28 day rule

Child support typically includes a portion for uninsured medical expenses. Currently, the annual ordinary medical amount is $403 per year to be paid by the parent receiving child support.

Once this amount is exceeded, each parent has to pay a specific percentage for any additional uninsured expenses based on the child support formula calculations. The percentages vary based on each parent's income. It is important to keep documentation with receipts to submit verification and a written request for payment within 28 days of the insurance coverage determination, co-pay expense or prescription payment. If the other parent fails to pay within 28 days of the written request, the expense may be submitted on the required forms to the Friend of the Court for enforcement (as long as the case has not opted out of the Friend of the Court). It is also important to keep in mind that the request for enforcement be submitted within 6 months to the applicable Michigan Friend of the Court office to request assistance.

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