Innovative Law Services


Save the time, money and stress.


  • Is about resolving issues to help bring respectful closure to the marriage or other legal family disputes in an amicable and cost effective manner.   
  • Is confidential and offers many benefits including a more private and comfortable office setting, separate rooms when necessary, and typically less formal evidence requirements.
  • In general, will save time, money and help reduce the emotional cost to each party compared to traditional litigation.
  • Is beneficial to help create co-parenting relationships.
  • May be scheduled with or without attorneys present. 
  • Timing could be one or more sessions depending on how many issues need to be resolved.
  • Sessions may be scheduled before the case is filed with the court or after it has been filed.

Mediators may assist with a variety of issues including child custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support, retirement plans, and property distribution.  By working with a neutral mediator, ground rules are established to help remain focused on resolution. 

Here is a comparison to demonstrate just how much more beneficial alternative methods may be in helping with your situation.


  • $200 per hour for sessions (expense shared between parties)
  • Business-like but informal
  • Allows for healthy discussion of point-of-views and emotions
  • More comfortable and cooperative
  • Promotes improved communication
  • Helps set stage for joint decision making
  • Encourages personal responsibility
  • Clients make their own decisions
  • Discussions and financial information are confidential
  • Shared resources to reduce costs


  • Average rate for attorneys is $150 - $350 per hour for each side
  • Formal and adversarial process
  • Increases anxiety and stress
  • Discourages communication because issues are resolved through attorneys or the Court
  • Sets stage for future disagreements and more court appearances 
  • Third party decisions are made by the Court 
  • Hearings are open to the public
  • Financial information is part of the public record
  • Several court appearances

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